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  • As part of Jersey City’s 2021 Master Plan three small areas have been selected to conduct vision planning. This area was selected because it contained a mix of factors that residents identified as important during the need survey, it had not had extensive planning work done in the recent past, and it was home to residents who have not historically received planning attention in Jersey City. You can download a PDF of the Area Selection Report to learn more.

    Residents and stakeholders in each area will develop a vision for the future that includes what the area should look like physically and actions to achieve that vision.

  • What Are Vision Plans?

    The City will use the Vision Plan to understand local goals; prioritize improvements to public infrastructure, like streets and parks; provide guidance in advance of new development; and develop programs and policies to advance the vision.

    You do not need to live in these areas to participate. We encourage anyone who has an interest in the future of the area to join.

  • Let’s Get Started!

    On the next page you will find four activities to capture your local knowledge, ideas, and opinions.

    We would really appreciate if you could complete all four, but you may enter as much or as little as you like.

    Priority Issues
    Share Your Great Idea!
    Preserve or Change
    What Belongs?

    A long list of issues have been identified by both city residents and stakeholders to be addressed during the Small Area Planning project.

    Please read through the list and select three (3) issues you want prioritized.

    For each, please share how this issue impacts your life.

    To exit the activity, click Finish Activity

    • My Top Issues:
      Select an issue...
      Select an issue...
      Select an issue...

    Select an issue from the following list that this project should focus on.

    Revitalization: Revitalizing vacant, underused, and/or blighted properties.
    Parks and Open Space: Creating or improving open spaces, parks, and plazas.
    New Development Standards: Establishing community standards for the design and scale of new development.
    Essential Services: Expanding essential services (groceries, pharmacies, daycare, etc.) and supporting/attracting local businesses.
    Historic Preservation: Protecting historical buildings and/or promoting local history
    Affordable Housing: Maintaining or expanding affordable housing.
    Non-Motorized Mobility: Improving pedestrian, bicycle, and/or transit service.
    Traffic and Parking: Addressing traffic congestion and/or parking supply.
    Placemaking: Creating a sense of "place" or cultural expression in the public realm.
    Local Environment: Improving the local environment (trees, stormwater, contaminated sites, litter).
    • As part of this Small Area Plan, city residents and stakeholders will develop a vision for the future of the area. This vision will include what the area should look like physically and actions to achieve that vision.

      In the following activity, share you best idea: what would you like to see happen in this area?

    • For now, keep it brief. There will be more time to elaborate later.

      Equally important, read through the ideas submitted by others and click on the ones that you like.

      When you are finished commenting and liking, click


      Share your ideas

      What policy, project or program could make this area better?


      See Others’ Ideas

      Read other’s ideas below. Click on the ideas that you agree with to like them.

      • In this activity, you can identify which parts of the study area you would like to see change, or not, over the next 10 years.

        On the following page, you will be asked to choose either a point or an area.

      • You will then identify which of the following best describes your vision for that area:

        Preserve: protect with very few changes.

        Enhance: improve with minor changes.

        Evolve: make moderate or substantial changes.

        Transform: make significant changes.

      • You can also explain your answer and share your comments.

        Once you have finished adding to the map, click


        Think of an area you’d like to see preserved, enhanced, evolve, or Transform.

        What best describes the area you want to talk about?

        Point / Place
        • In this exercise, consider the types and characteristics of development that belong in different sub-areas. This will help inform the physical recommendations in the small area plan.

        • You will be presented with three sub-areas. Choose one that interests you.

          You will then be presented with examples of different types of development. Click on one that you would like to comment on.

        • Once you have an image, find something in the image that you think is either appropriate or inappropriate for the sub-area. What would you like to see more of? What would you like to see less of?

          To provide feedback, click near the element you like or dislike and explain why.

        • Once you have finished commenting, click “Back to Images” to choose a new image to comment on. You can provide feedback on all the images.

          When you are finished commenting on all of the images in the sub-area you selected, click “Finish Activity”

          WHAT BELONGS?

          Choose an Area

          How to:

          1. Scroll to see full list of issues

          2. Tap on an issue to add it to your Top Issues list

          3. Explain why you selected the issue

          4. Click done

          5. Select another, you can choose up to three issues

          6. When done, click Finish Activity

          How to:

          1. Choose a geography

          2. Choose a level of change

          3. Tap on map to choose a point OR tap to draw area

          4. Type your comment

          5. When you are finished commenting and liking, click Finish Activity

          How to:

          1. Type in your ideas

          2. Review others’ ideas

          3. Tap on ideas that you agree with to like them

          4. When you are finished commenting and liking, click Finish Activity

          How to:

          1. Choose an area

          2. Pick an image to comment on

          3. hen you are finished commenting and liking, click Finish Activity

          How to:

          1. Choose an activity

          2. Explore and submit your answers

          3. Click Finish Activity


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